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Twin Outings

Written by Melanie

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The most important tip when flying with toddlers is communication. It's that simple. Communication should begin before your trip begins and then continue at the airport, during the flight, and after you land.

Before Your Trip

  • A few days in advance of your trip, start talking to your twins about where you are going and how you will get there.
  • On a map, show your twins where you live and where you are traveling to.
  • If you see an airplane in the sky, tell your twins they will get to ride on an airplane and go up in the sky.
  • If you are planning a visit to see long-distance family members, look at a family photo album as part of your nightly routine for a few days leading up to the trip.

At the Airport/On the Plane

  • At the airport, describe where you are and what you are doing. This is especially important when trying to establish boundaries and keep your on-the-go toddlers from darting off.
  • As you get close to takeoff, give your toddlers ample warning of what's to come. Say something like, "In a few minutes, you will no longer be able to stand. We will need to sit down and put on your seat belt. Can you help me click your seat belt?"
  • Remind your twins not to kick the seat in front and to be gentle with the tray.
  • If your twins are getting sleepy, let them know they are in a safe place and can go to sleep. Give them a blankie or make a cozy spot for them to sleep on your lap.

At Your Destination

  • Tell your twins where you are and what's going on. For example, tell them "Daddy is going to get the rental car while we go to baggage claim."


Melanie is a Malibu mommy who has flown cross-country with her toddler several times.


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