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Twin Outings

Written by Melanie


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When flying with toddlers, have a resourceful diaper bag handy. It should include snacks as well as in-flight toys and entertainment. Remember to stress to your children that they may play with only one item at a time and that the other toys must stay in the bag.

Here are some sure-fire ways to keep your duo entertained in flight:

  • Use an iPad to access games, videos, educational programs, you name it! Make sure you get kid-safe volume-controlled earphones.
  • Reusable sticker books like this one provide hours of fun. With 400 reusable stickers, you can create scenes (there are blank pages in the back), or you can point to a sticker and let your kids tell you what it is a picture of. Because they are lightweight and flat, sticker books fit easily into almost any diaper bag.
  • Paper is always great to have handy and is also easy to pack. Giving each child their own little notepad can be fun too. They can even use the stickers to decorate their pads.
  • If you bought each of your twins a special toy for the trip—something small like $1 matchbox cars—chances are they will be exited to play with those.
  • Tegu blocks are great for in-flight entertainment. Because they are magnetic, they are less likely to "disappear" in flight.
  • If you let each of your kids pick out a special snack at the airport gift shop, they will be probably be excited to enjoy it during the flight.

Melanie is a Malibu mommy who has flown cross-country with her toddler several times.


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