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Twin Outings

Written by Lauren


When I was pregnant with twins, I joined a local Parents of Multiples Club so I could meet other moms with twins in my area. The club had a listserv where I could bounce questions off other twin moms and an online marketplace. It also had a fabulous consignment sale twice a year. But perhaps the best thing I found through the club was my twins playgroup.

When I saw a posting for a newborn twins playgroup in my town, I thought joining would be a perfect way to expose my babies to other sets of twins and to find a group of moms going through the twin experience at the same time I was. Little did I know that these mom/baby trios would become some of our best friends.



I had my first experience with the playgroup about two weeks prior to my delivery date. The mom who had formed the group hosted everyone at her house one Thursday morning. I showed up to find seven moms and 14 little bucket car seats crowded into her living room. The oldest babies were 5 months, and the youngest were my little in-utero babies.

It was so nice to be with other moms who had just experienced what I was about to go through. There were lots of conversations about the NICU, sleeping, eating, schedules, and all things twins.

I remember walking away from that first playgroup thinking, “I better get used to some crying!”

For a few months, we met weekly at local parks. But as the babies grew and started crawling, walking, and running, we found that meeting at a park meant we inevitably ended up chasing toddlers and being unable to keep conversations going with each other.

We decided it would be easier to start taking turns hosting the group in our homes. There, the babies were contained so it was easier for them to crawl around and easier for us to talk. Those conversations with other adults were very important to us stay-at-home moms!


‘Anytime Except Thursday Mornings’

My twins playgroup went from something I hoped I could make to something I planned my schedule around. When making various appointments—including doctor’s appointments—I would always say, “Anytime except Thursday mornings.”

As one of the moms in the group noted, our kids’ relationships with each other go deeper than friendship. It is almost as though they are cousins. And we moms have been through all the various stages of raising our twins together, good and bad, which has given us a unique bond.

It started out being all about the babies, but it has become a group of friends that feels more like a family. We have been through three years of life together, and I consider myself really lucky to have known the other moms during that time. Playgroup has become a little haven where I can get ideas, complain, have a cheering section, and most importantly be with moms who know exactly what I am going through.


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