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Written by Maritza

Maritza Twins To Big Beds 

Some twins seem to prefer co-sleeping or sleeping in the same crib early on, but my twin girls seemed to like their own space. In fact, at 5 months I put them in separate rooms to allow my good sleeper (Jenny) to get some sleep. By 18 months, they were both sleeping through the night pretty well, so I put them back in the same room.

Jordan, our oldest, was in a big-boy bed by 2 years old. It didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked. We were constantly in and out of his room because he would get out of bed and play or just cry at the door. It made for some long nights. So, with my twins, I wanted to wait as long as I could. Right before they turned 3, I decided it was time to put them in big-girl beds in the same room.

Here are some tips for making the transition:

  • Mentally prepare your twins to move from cribs to beds. Talk to them about how things will change.

  • Make the transition exciting. Plan it around a holiday or birthday, and buy fun bedding that they will enjoy.

  • Secure the room with a door lock or other method. We used childproof doorknobs from the inside. Other suggestions: switch the doorknob so the lock is on the outside, get a half door, or even use a baby gate.

  • Take precautions to prevent falls. Side rails worked great for us. We bought two for each bed at a consignment store. (If the beds are against a wall, you can save some money by only having to buy one side rail per bed.) A friend of mine gave me this great additional tip: If you let them think they can only get in and out of bed using a stool, you can take it away once they are tucked in and you won't have them getting out of bed constantly.

  • Consider removing toys and books from the room. Otherwise, they are likely to be scattered nightly, which means more clean-up for you.

  • Invest in video monitors. We bought ours from Costco. We could talk through the monitors, and it was funny to see the twins' reaction the first time we told them to get back in bed. Just try not to get obsessed with looking at the screen; enjoy your downtime when you can.

  • Be prepared for long nights.

We were dreading the first night the twins slept in their big-girl beds, but it went much better than we expected. And ironically, considering they liked having their own space when they were younger, I feel like they were comforted by the fact they were together in the same room.


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