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School Days

Written by Carrie

Preschool Twins Waitlist

This is more of a call to action for twin parents than my typical, personal articles for The Twin Source. And that call to action is this, in a nutshell:

If you plan on enrolling your twins in daycare or preschool, do your research and get on the waiting lists as early as humanly possible.

The reason for this is simple: Because you will be enrolling two children of the same age into the school or daycare facility, your case is unique and often presents challenges for providers. If you live in a dense urban area, getting on a waiting list months and months early is often the norm for one child, so with twins you truly have to plan ahead.

My husband and I live in a metropolitan area, and we began our search for a daycare shortly after I got out of my first trimester. (Yes, you read that right.) And if you can believe it, most of the daycares did not have openings until three to six months after the twins were due.

We opted to hire a nanny for the infant years, which worked out beautifully for our family. It cost just about the same amount, and we found comfort in the twins being at home when they were so very little.

Our early waiting list deposit fees did go in up in smoke, but we chocked that up to the price of having twins.

The preschool admittance process was a similar experience. Again, there was high demand and enrolling two children in the same facility at the same time was challenging.

We planned to enroll the twins in classes for 2 1/2- to 3-year-olds, so we began looking at preschools in our area when the twins were about 18 months old. Our instincts to move early served us well. We just barely made it on the waiting lists at the preschools we had fallen in love with, a year out from the twins beginning school.

Everything worked out for us in the end. But you better bet that whenever I'm talking to a mommy of young twins and the topic of preschool comes up, I share my story and stress the importance of early planning.


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