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School Days

Written by Carrie

Surviving Preschool

By now, most of us know the statistics: Preschool is beneficial for children and can have an impact on their scholastic performance down the road. But even though preschool creates a foundation for curious toddlers to explore and learn, nothing is harder than that first send-off to school, particularly with twins. Two of your babies "leaving home" at once. The horror!

How do you prepare your twins? Yourself?

Practically speaking, there are ways to prepare for preschool.

Emotionally speaking, it's quite a psychological game. You need to reassure yourself and them that this is the right thing to do—that bringing them into a wonderful learning environment will prepare them for the future.

And then, you must hold your breath. And you must let go.

It's terrible, but you must.

You must be strong as you walk out of the classroom—especially if one or both of your twins are bawling. And you must not go back or make a scene; you have to have confidence that they will find their way.

As the English would say, "Be calm. Run out of the schoolhouse as dignified and fast as you can." I joke, but in all seriousness ...

During the earliest days of dropping your twins off at preschool, emotions could run very high for both twins or perhaps just one. My son Drew had bad days here and there, but my daughter Celeste had a rough time almost every day for about six weeks. Her teachers were reassuring and supportive, and they always said her crying did not last more than a few minutes. Nevertheless, it was very difficult each and every morning.

Remember, this is a highly emotional time for both your twins and yourself. But it is necessary, and it is going to have to happen eventually. (They will grow up—we can't prevent it.) Don't think of it as "leaving" your children at preschool. Think of it as allowing them to open up and experience the world around them.


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