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School Days

Written by The Twin Source

Preparing for Preschool

There's no doubt that the first days of preschool are tough on everyone emotionally. While you may not be able to stop yourself from getting teary-eyed on that first day, there are some things you can do from a practical standpoint to make the transition to preschool a little easier. For example:


  • Start talking to your twins about preschool in advance. Focus on the new experience and the positives that will come with moving into a school environment. Whether it is making friends or creating great art projects, focus on the future.

  • Begin a schedule that mimics their new environment. Once your twins are accepted to a preschool, adjust lunchtime and nap/quiet times as best you can to mirror the school's schedule so that your children's daily routine is similar. This will provide a physical comfort for them.

  • Visit the school with the twins. A week prior to the twins' first day, ask to take a visit, sit in the classroom, and tour the school with the twins. This way, when they begin the following week they will have a bit of familiarity.

  • Figure out logistics. Prior to the first day, talk with your partner about what makes sense for you as a family. Who drops off the twins? Who picks them up? Make it work for you, your partner, and the twins—and stick with it.

  • Create a morning routine. To provide stability before your twins start their school day, establish a sensible and consistent morning routine where both you and your partner get them ready and then get them in the car together. This will provide the comfort and familiarity that they need.

  • Have a consistent pickup time. Keep the pickup time as close to the same time as possible each day, particularly in the first week. The twins will need to begin to get into a rhythm, not only in the mornings but also in the evenings.

  • Expect them to be exhausted. Your twins will be wiped out in the beginning from sensory overload, big time. Don't be shocked if one or both fall asleep while eating dinner the first week. When you get home in the evenings, be focused on getting them to bed early.

  • Give baths at night. Wash that school smell off them every night. It will calm them down and get them ready for bed. Mornings will be easier as well.

  • Let them know you're proud. Verbalize to them how independent they're being. Talk to them about their day-to-day accomplishments. They will like school if they see it makes you happy and proud of them.

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