School Days

School Days


Sharpen those pencils and strap on those backpacks!

Raising your infant twins flew by in the blink of an eye; the toddler years are almost a distant memory (save for those shrill tantrums and potty training dilemmas!). And through it all, in the back of your mind, you always knew they would go to school one day.

That day has arrived, and you should pat yourself on the back. As a twin parent, you have survived a lot. We'd like to say the hardest years are behind you, but the honest truth is that parenting school-age kids can be just as tough but in very different ways.

Here we will tackle the school day dilemmas and provide insights from real twin parents who have been right where you are. From dealing with classroom separation to packing a healthy lunch, this section is chock full of advice and pointers that we hope will make the transition just a tiny bit smoother.

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