Croissant Sammies

Written by Melanie


This versatile recipe can be easily modified based on what your children like to eat and their ability to chew (see the Fillers section below). The sammies are perfect for twins (or play dates) because you can customize them without having to prepare two separate meals. For example, if one twin eats meat and the other does not, you can include meat in just a few of the sammies. The sammies are also easy to make in advance and freeze, and they are great for taking on the go because they aren’t very messy and they contain a “hidden” balanced meal. I started making this recipe when my son was 8 months old. As he got older, we began experimenting with different fillers and different shapes.


1 package refrigerated crescent rolls

1 cup of filler (see the Fillers section below)

Remove the crescent rolls from the package. Separate the individual triangles on a cookie sheet. Add 1-2 tablespoons of filler to each triangle. Roll the triangles into croissants and bake as directed on the packaging. Cut into appropriate-sized pieces or serve whole (see the Fillers section below).



Croissants can easily be dissolved with little to no chewing, so preparation of the filling is what you should focus on when preparing your children’s sammies. All fillings can be prepared by pureeing for beginners, finely slicing for toddlers, and chopping for advanced toddlers and adults. However you prepare food for your children is how you should prepare the fillers for the croissant sammies.

What doesn’t taste good in a croissant? Here are some ideas for fillers, which should be prepared as described above based on your child’s ability to chew:


*Refer to Puree 101.


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