A common question asked everywhere from playground circles to food blogs is “What are you having for dinner?” Parents are always seeking inspiration when it comes to making meals.

Feeding a family has never been harder. From confusing and conflicting advice coming out of the medical and nutrition communities—Is it organic? Gluten-free? Low-sugar? High-fiber? High in omega-3s but not omega-6s?—to the most basic picky eater issues, the simple task of putting a meal on the table has become increasingly complicated. Add in varying preferences, a dizzying array of schedules, and dramatic increases in food costs, and the “What are we having for dinner?” question is a loaded one, at best.

But preparing a meal doesn’t have to be a tear-inducing chore. Every family has specific needs that must be met. One way of taking some of the stress out of meal planning is to identify your top priorities and then cut yourself slack on the rest. For some families, cost will be the most important factor in how to eat three square meals a day. For other families, allergies and health concerns are going to be paramount. And maybe for your family, time and ease are going to play the biggest role in how you get everyone fed and still to soccer, dance, band, and bed on time without always ending up in the McDonald’s drive-through.

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