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Twin Life

Written by Maritza


Making time for friends can be hard. Yet whenever I do it, I never ever regret it. In fact, I feel so much better afterward.

Friends listen to you. Friends let you know when you are over-thinking, over-reacting, over-worrying, or over-anything. Friends give you good advice. Friends won't judge you. Friends will cry with you, laugh with you, and get mad with you. There is nothing better than knowing you have that in your life.

I thank God for my girlfriends every day. They have given me great guidance throughout my life. Well, okay, maybe not when we were in our 20s!

How to Make It Happen

I talk a big game, but with four kids, two jobs, and a husband who is constantly traveling for work, I know as well as anyone that it's a struggle to find time for friends. Here are a few tips I've found that help:

  • Make yourself a priority. I say this all the time: "If mommy is not happy, no one is happy."
  • Keep it simple. My friends and I have pizza and salad at each other's homes.
  • Make it automatic. Set a time once a month when you and your closest friends get together for dinner, brunch, or whatever.
  • Note group outings on your calendar, even if you already have something scheduled for that day. I find that sometimes that day magically opens up for me.
  • Delegate your most determined and organized friend to get the ball rolling on these get-togethers.

Consider an Annual Trip with Friends

This is not for everyone, but I love to get away with my friends for a long weekend once a year. I feel that this time rejuvenates me. Imagine spending three or four days with friends and having no responsibilities other than relaxing, catching up, and doing whatever you feel like doing.

For four years in a row, my friends and I managed to escape to a magical place. We went to a beach in a beautiful villa with our own personal chef, butler, concierge, and pool. (I won't share the exact location because I want to keep this place a secret!)

I thank God I have a great husband who doesn't mind my getting away for my annual trip. In fact, he encourages it. This year, my friends and I weren't able to make the trip, and let me tell you I missed it. We are all anxiously awaiting next year's getaway!


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