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Written by The Twin Source


Registering when you are pregnant with twins can seem overwhelming. When you are planning for two babies instead of one, the number of questions you have seems to double with each product you look at.

We at The Twin Source believe this portion of planning should be fun and relatively painless. Below is our comprehensive registry guide, along with advice about certain products. Active links will bring you to an item’s Google Shopping page, where you can view the description and compare sellers’ prices. These links were set up for your convenience so that you can easily add items to your online registry at large merchants such as Babies R Us, Target, or Amazon.

This guide is broken down into categories, with links to product descriptions and whenever possible links to price comparisons on Google Shopping so that you can easily add items to your personal online registry.


In Every Nursery

Cribs (Quantity: 2)

Tip: Since you will need two, here’s one of our budget secrets: Walmart. Yep, that’s correct. It has an amazing selection of cribs for great prices.

Crib Mattresses (Quantity: 2)

Crib Mattress Pads (Quantity: 2)

Crib Bedding (Quantity: 4)

Tip: If you purchase a set, the set should include a blanket, a fitted sheet, and a bumper. Sets often also include crib skirts, which are very nice as well.

Crib Sheets (Quantity: 2-4)

Tip: We recommend registering for four crib sheets so that you have backups when leaks or spit-ups send one or more crib sheets to the laundry. The extra sets will also be helpful when you are traveling.

Sheet Savers (Quantity: 2)

Tip: These little guys will totally decrease your laundry loads!

Nursing Chair/Glider

Tip: That little budget secret known as Walmart applies in the search for a great upholstered glider as well.

Portable Glider/Swings (Quantity: 2)

Tip: These portable, space-saving swings are great because you can easily move them from room to room. (We ♥)

Video Monitor

            Tip: Remember our parents survived without a video monitor, if your budget does not allow it, go ahead and go retro!

Night Lights

Tip: These OXO night lights are portable, which comes in handy. They allow you to check on the babies while they sleep, and the low, ambient light won’t wake them even when it is very close. Down the line, these night lights are great to have once your twins are toddlers and might need to get out of bed in the dark. (We ♥)

Pacifiers (Quantity: 6-8)

Swaddling Blankets (Quantity: 6)

White Noise Playlist/CD

Tip: White noise can help your twins understand the difference between day and night. Use the white noise during nighttime hours and nap time to drown out other noises in the house and create an association with the quiet and sleep times. (We ♥)

Small Portable Stereo

Tip: A small portable stereo can play music during playtime and white noise during sleep periods.

Compact Fan

Tip: Good air circulation in nurseries is recommended to help prevent SIDS. A compact fan will help with this. Run it throughout the day and night when your twins are infants.

The Changing Station

Want to see a real changing area in action? Head over to YouTube where Twin Mom Carrie walks you through a well-stocked diaper changing station!


Diaper Changing Pad (to set on your changing table)

Diaper Changing Pad Covers (Quantity: 2)

Tip: Register for two, so you always have one that is clean.

Diaper Genie

Diaper Cream

Baby Eczema Cream

Tip: You want this product if your babies have eczema. It works. It truly works. (We ♥)

Baby Wipes

Tip: We suggest something without a fragrance, such as Pampers natural aloe unscented wipes, so that you can use them for diaper changes as well as for cleaning faces and hands.

Diaper Bag

Tip: Be sure to check out The Twin Source YouTube demo on packing your diaper bag!

Diaper Changing Kit (Quantity: 1-2)

Tip: This changing kit has everything you need all in one place. Simply slide it into your diaper bag. If Daddy is going to have his own diaper bag, we suggest getting one for him too!


Bottle Warmer

Bottles (Quantity: 6-10)

Microwave Sanitizer Steam Bags (for nipples)

Breast Pump

Lansinoh Breast Cream

Dishwasher Basket


Burp Cloths

Serving Tray

Tip: A simple serving tray will help you move items to and from the nursery more quickly and easily.

Highchairs (Quantity: 2)

Tip: We recommend going affordable but durable on this buy. We love these space-saver highchairs. Down the line, they convert to booster seats so you can pull the twins directly up to the table! (We ♥)

Wardrobe Essentials


Sleep Sacks (Quantity: 6)


Zippered Footie Pajamas/Rompers

Tip: Trust us, you will want zippered rompers or pajamas for the very early days and nights. You won’t have to fuss with buttons or snaps! Remember, there are two babies so you need to be fast and efficient when changing them.


Tip: When registering for clothing, choose the staples and a few things you truly love. You will likely receive clothing at your shower, so no need to overdo it.



Bath & Grooming

Health & Grooming Kits (Quantity: 2)

Tip: These amazing kits include essentials such as nail clippers, aspirators, and hairbrushes. For sanitary reasons, you should register for two of these kits and label certain items (like the boogie snuffer) with your twins’ names so the items don’t get passed from one child to the other. You’ll wind up with duplicates of other items such as nail clippers; simply put one in your twins’ travel toiletry bag so that you don’t have to move things back and forth.

Bath Thermometer (We ♥)

Baby Tub

Bath Seats (Quantity: 2) (We ♥)

Mustela Newborn Gift Set

Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid (We ♥)

Tip: This fluid is like magic! It cleans your babies, and you don’t have to rinse it off. It is gentle, smells wonderful, and truly works. Great for the in-between bath days!

Set of Baby Hooded Towels, Washcloths

The Medicine Cabinet


Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever

Measuring Syringes


Tip: You will want two rectal thermometers for the twins’ infant days and one ear or forehead thermometer as the twins grow. The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is wonderful. (We )


Cotton Rounds

First-Aid Kit




Activity Mats (Quantity: 2)

Tip: Activity mats are so useful! We recommend registering for two (we love this Skip Hop version, but there are many others to choose from too, so pick two different ones!). You will use them quite a bit and can place them in different areas of the house. They are great for setting up play areas on hardwood floors even into the twins’ toddler years!

Bumbo Seats (Quantity: 2)

Tip: Bumbo seats are great as part of your twins’ daily playtime routine once the babies reach a certain age. They strengthen back and neck muscles and help the twins sit up and play securely. You can also use them for early solid food feedings. Be sure to get a safety belt and never use a Bumbo seat on a raised surface.

Bumbo Tray (Quantity: 2)

Exersaucer (Quantity: 1-2)

Tip: If you live in a small space, you can purchase just one and then rotate your twins between this and another activity, such as a swing or tummy time mat.

Boppy Pillow (Quantity: 2)

Tip: You will love your Boppy pillows! They will support you when you are nursing and also can be wonderful places for the twins to rest during awake times. It will help them gain neck strength while seated a bit upright.

Boppy Pillow Covers (Quantity: 2)



Double Snap-N-Go Stroller

Tip: For the infant days, this wire frame stroller allows you to snap in your car seats quickly and easily without taking the babies in and out! (We ♥)

Double Stroller

Tip: If you are a running family, register for a city stroller that can convert into a running stroller, such as the BOB Duallie Revolution. Saves you money and storage space. (We ♥)



Safety Duck Travel Tub (We ♥)

Collapsible Booster Seats (Quantity: 2)

Tip: We love these inexpensive, compact booster seats for taking on the go when visiting friends or eating out. It is good to have these just in case there are not enough highchairs to go around!

Pack N Play for Twins (Quantity: 1-2)

Tip: Trust us, a Pack N Play specifically designed for twins is ideal. The twin bassinet feature is helpful for the early months, and the crib’s larger size means your twins won’t outgrow it too soon. If you travel quite a bit, we suggest registering for two.


Tip:  It’s nice to have a less expensive monitor to travel with so you don’t have to move your mounted video monitor.

For the Car

Car Seats (Quantity: 2)

Car Seat Bases (Quantity: 2)

Car Seat Savers (Quantity: 2)

Portable DVD Player

Tip: This is a luxury, but it’s a luxury that you will so appreciate on long road trips!

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