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Written by Twin Source


Registering can be overwhelming. Registering for twins? Well, that can be daunting! One important piece of advice is that you do NOT need two of everything. So take time to think about your space at home and your needs.

One Will Do

There are many items that your babies can share. Rotating items between them gives your twins a variety of entertainment while they are together in the nursery or play area. For example, you could have one baby use an exersaucer, like this one from Baby Einstein, while the other is on an activity mat. Then switch.

You will also need only one bathtub. In the beginning, you will be bathing one baby at a time.

You’ll Need Two

There are some things you will need to buy two of. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Two space saver swings/bouncies. You can use these either as swings or bouncies. In the off position, you can use them for double feedings when the twins are bigger.
  • Two car seats (duh).
  • Two highchairs (also duh).
  • Two boppy pillows.

Get More Than Two

We know twin moms who literally worked with four bottles total, which allowed them to do two feedings before needing to wash the bottles and accessories. We recommend eight bottles total. This should cover a 24-hour period before running the dishwasher* nightly. But remember, you can do it with less.

You will need a lot of onesies and socks. Our tip? Buy all white onesies and socks in the beginning. They match everything and can go on either twin. This is particularly helpful if you have a boy and a girl.


*A note on dishwashers: Some moms feel very strongly about how they wash their bottles and nipples. Our take? Purchase a top rack organizer for the dishwasher. Then throw everything in it and run the dishwasher at the hottest setting. When you unload the dishwasher, use a microwave steam bag to sterilize the nipples and other small plastic parts. We like Medela’s.

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