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Written by The Twin Source

Unique Gifts For Twins 

The Registry area of The Twin Source continues to be one of the most popular sections of the site. Why? Because figuring out what on earth one needs as a new twin parent can be utterly overwhelming.

For parents-to-be, The Twin Source Registry Guide can help.

And for excited new parents, future grandparents, amazing aunts, dearest friends, or really anyone who wants to give a gift that's more than a gift, look no further. This is our shortlist of unique gifts for the twins in your life. Each gift will create lasting memories, guaranteed.

The Red Wagon

Is there anything more nostalgic than a good old-fashioned wagon ride? A double stroller is fantastic, but for walks around the neighborhood or to a nearby park, nothing is more enjoyable than the open air and full visual range that a wagon provides a child.

We like: www.radioflyer.com/wagons/passport-wagon.html

Tree Swings

These simple swings turn a strong tree into a source of endless giggles and joy. They are affordable and safe, and the twins will be able to swing outside as early as 9 months old.

We like: www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-Snug-Secure-Swing/dp/B003621UT4

Portable Night Lights

Purchase two of these modern portable LED night lights, and the new parents are sure to thank you. The ambient lighting makes it easy to check on infants without disturbing them. And when the toddler years arrive, these night lights are amazing companions for nighttime trips to the potty.

We like: www.diapers.com/p/oxo-candela-tooli-single-70087

Note: Twin Source tested and approved!

Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

This little invention will hold any child's attention—from the infant who appreciates the moving rainbows throughout the nursery to the toddler whose smile widens with each sunny morning.

We like: www.casa.com/p/kikkerland-solar-powered-rainbow-maker-276070

Note: Twin Source tested and approved!

Travel Suitcases

Seriously, who doesn't covet monogrammed luggage? These little suitcases will come in handy for the traveling family, and their affordability is a bonus considering you'll need to purchase two!

We like: www.kidstravelzone.com/kidsluggage/17co.html

Note: Twin Source tested and approved!



For an over-the-top gift that will forever capture the twins' imagination, go for the teepee. Truly, what is more magical?

For a world of samples: http://pinterest.com/katemoozle/kids-teepee-tents/


Portable DVD Player

A DVD player paired with a few great baby/child DVDs will make an unforgettable gift for the traveling family. Whether it's used in a plane, train, or automobile, a DVD player can often help focus the twins' attention and allow them to relax without feeling bored—which makes parents extremely happy.


The Ultimate Gliders

This product is definitely a splurge, and it may look like it comes from outer space, but MamaRoo by 4Moms can bring peace to new twin parents days. The seat reclines for infants and then moves into a more upright position as your babies grow. This product imitates the movements your twins encountered in the womb—as opposed to the predictable movements of a swing going backward and forward or side to side. There are different motions to choose from, and there is built-in white noise as well as a port for an iPod.


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