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Written by Mari


There are certain things you have to buy for babies—necessities like diapers, food, and clothes. With twins, this can get very costly. Here are a few tips that can help you save money.



Some studies say a baby can go through 3,796 diapers in a lifetime. For two babies, it would be double that amount. That's a lot of money spent on just diapers! Make sure you don't pay any more than you have to:

  • Sign up on manufacturers' websites to earn rewards and get coupons.
  • Take advantage of discount warehouses like BJ's and Costco. They mail coupons to their members on top of their discounted prices. This is particularly helpful in the beginning.
  • Place orders online. I used diapers.com. It was very convenient, the prices were competitive, and I sometimes received my order the very next day. It's great for busy moms who have a hard time getting out of the house with little ones. (Diapers.com made The Twin Source's Can't Live Without list.)
  • Use Amazon.com if you are comfortable signing up to receive your order on a regular basis. It's a great deal!
  • Twin Source Note: Consider cloth diapers if you want to save significant costs and help the enviroment. They've come a long, long way. Check out our interview with Twin Mom and Cloth Diaper Geek, Julie Clark.


Before you buy dozens of little jars of baby food, consider making it yourself. All you need is a pot or pan to steam the vegetables and a blender or food processor. You can get more-nutritious food this way and spend less money than you would buying premade food at the store.

Now that my twins are older, planning meals ahead of time helps save money. Every Sunday, I write down a plan for the week, including all the meals and a list of things needed at the supermarket. That way, we only buy what we need.



I signed up at www.carters.com, which sends coupons when it has sales. You can save 20% to 25% with the coupon on top of the sales. T-shirts and pants or shorts end up costing about $3 to $8 each, and dresses are as low as $6 to $10. Can't beat that!

Old Navy is another great place for baby and kids clothes. You can get a 10% coupon off your next purchase if you do a survey on the phone or online, and they have really cute clothes. We especially love their PJs!


Baby Gear

For items like strollers, highchairs, cribs, and big toys, check consignment sales in your area. Parents often sell things they no longer need. Some of the products are in great condition and are being sold for half the original price or even less.

Also remember that you don't need two of everything.


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