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What No One Tells You

Written by Carrie

Love for_two_children 

This might sound crazy, but one of my biggest worries during my twin pregnancy was how I was going to love two babies simultaneously beginning the second they were born.

Perhaps this worry came from the fact that the twins were my first pregnancy (and quite a surprise!), so I didn't know exactly what to expect from motherhood. Concern about my capacity to love two babies at the same time would often be in the back of my mind as I chatted with friends about the twins' arrival.

Could I love them both as enormously as I had envisioned loving one baby?

The concept seemed overwhelming. I had always pictured the earliest days of motherhood with one precious baby that I would hold, feed, and nurture. As he or she grew, I would take my little singleton to the park and swing back and forth on warm, sunny days, smiling as the sun beat down on us ...

As the twins grew in my stomach, I was so very excited but also concerned about whether I would have enough love to go around. Would there be moments when I would simply be too exhausted? What if I bonded with one baby more than the other?

My twins are 3 years old now, and I can honestly tell you that the moments when I met each one—first my son, Drew, and then my daughter, Celeste—were filled with equal doses of the truest and purest forms of love and happiness I have ever felt in my life. It was the best feeling ever, and I got to experience it twice—back to back.

I have come to realize that a mother's capacity to love is truly endless. Whether you have two children or 12, the heart expands infinitely to provide the love and support that a family needs. Love is such a miracle, and motherhood is one way we are able to live and breathe that miracle.

With twins, your love for both of them begins immediately and doesn't stop. It's constantly in full swing—at times propelling you forward, supporting you, and keeping a smile on your face all at once.

Those warm, sunny days I envisioned before I was pregnant are even warmer and sunnier than I could have ever hoped for.


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