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Written by Jessica


Like almost all things pregnancy-related, your maternity wardrobe is temporary. So, you probably don't want to spend lots of time and money shopping for and buying clothes you will use for only a short time. Good news—now you don't have to! In true what-will-they-come-up-with-next style, a helpful new solution has popped up in maternity fashion: rentable clothing.

Using the model first popularized in high-end handbag rentals, this service allows you to rent maternity clothing for a short time to fulfill your wardrobe needs. That means you don't have to invest permanently in clothing meant to get you through just a season. What a brilliant concept!

Inevitably, you will find yourself nine months pregnant and in need of a formal gown that you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for to wear one time. Now you can simply go online and rent one for a fraction of the price, then send it back when you're finished.

Online resources for maternity clothes rental include www.bellybumpboutique.com, www.fashionforwardmaternity.com, and www.minefornine.com.

Our favorite is www.rentmaternitywear.com. This site got it right. It focuses mainly on formal wear, which makes sense since these are the pieces in your wardrobe that will cost the most money and will get the least wear. And, the site has all the elements needed for a great online shopping experience:

  • An easy-to-use site. You can search by price, occasion (baby shower, cocktail party, date night, or wedding), their favorites, and newest arrivals. Or you can choose to view the entire collection.

  • Beautiful pieces. This site does a fantastic job choosing the dresses available for rental, basically vetting all existing maternity formal wear for you. This feature alone is a compelling reason to use the site!

  • Helpful visuals. When you're shopping for special occasion outfits online, you want to be able to see everything. This site has great photographs and clear details for every piece.

  • Awesome policies. Customers are treated with respect and compassion. The site creators know that without trying on a dress during the crazy, body-morphing days of pregnancy, you won't know how it will look or fit. That's why they let you rent an extra size at no additional cost. And, they refund your money if you aren't happy with your rental.

  • Great guarantees. Your dress will either be brand-new or have been rented only once previously, and it arrives in pristine condition.

  • Free return shipping. When you're finished with your dress, just send it back. No additional fees!

So, if you find yourself with a fashion conundrum during your pregnancy, consider rentable maternity wear. We think it's a fun and fresh way of looking at maternity clothes shopping!


Jessica is a mommy of three. She has a degree in fashion and the equivalent in childproofing a cool modern lifestyle.

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