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Written by The Twin Source

Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Your Skin

The pregnancy glow is truly wonderful. It is generally attributed to increased blood volume just underneath the skin resulting in a dewy blush at times. No one would ever complain about that!

Some unwanted skin surprises are:

Acne. No one likes acne, particularly in adulthood. The worst thing about the acne is that it appears not only on your face but also on other parts of your body. You can expect to find it on your back and sometimes your chest—and even other places where you never thought your pores could be clogged. Here are a few simple suggestions for getting your skin under control:

  • When showering, shampoo and condition your hair first, then wash your body with soap. The chemicals and moisturizers in shampoo and conditioner can seep into your skin if they are not washed away thoroughly. (This can result especially in that dreaded "bacne.") So take care of your hair first and then scrub your body well!
  • For blemishes, purchase an inexpensive over-the-counter acne cream from your local drugstore—nothing too fancy, just something drying that you can apply to spots as necessary. Make sure the product contains benzoyl peroxide to help keep the acne from coming back. We also recommend dabbing just a bit of the cream on the most oil-prone areas of your face nightly.
  • Use a toner twice a day. This will help clean your pores and leave your face feeling fresh. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and then apply it all over your face. We recommend applying toner to your chest as well if acne is appearing there.
  • Change your moisturizer if necessary. If you use a very heavy daily cream, you might want to lighten up on the amount you use or even skip a day here or there to balance out your natural oils.

Pigment changes. You might notice changes in your skin tone resembling sun spots, or you might see moles you have had all your life lightening or darkening at random. Both of these changes are common, and your skin generally will even out post-pregnancy. In the meantime, you might want to make one of these solutions part of your beauty regimen:

  • Use a light foundation to smooth out your face, neck, and even chest, followed by a light powder.
  • If you aren't a foundation type of girl, remember it is okay to use your concealer in places other than under your eyes and on a pesky zit. Apply concealer to sun spots or moles and then blend it into your skin.

Your Hair and Nails

Expect a lot of growth in these two areas. Your hair will grow faster than it ever has before, and your nails will be strong and look the best they ever have. Even if you are happy with these changes, maintenance should still be a key part of your beauty regimen:

  • Schedule haircuts regularly, even if only to trim the ends.
  • Think twice about cutting your hair in any drastic way or going for a radical new style during pregnancy. We at The Twin Source know from experience that the reaction you have if it does not turn out how you envisioned can be highly emotional, thanks to your raging hormones. Besides, every other part of your body is growing or changing during pregnancy; it’s nice to keep at least one thing constant.
  • Cut and file your nails regularly. Remember, very long nails are considered by some to be a hotbed for bacteria, and you don’t want to get sick while you are pregnant or expose your newborns to unwanted germs.
  • Check with your doctor about hair coloring. Most of us here at The Twin Source maintained our hair as we always have after getting the go-ahead from our doctors. Generally speaking, unless you are going for a Marilyn Monroe bleach blonde style every few weeks, you and your babies should have nothing to worry about.
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