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Written by Carrie

One Piece Mom

Bikinis are out.

At least they are for me, an intense lover of fashion who has worked very hard to get back down to my pre-pregnancy body weight—maybe even a pound or two less—after having twins.

You see, I am convinced that it's time for me to retire and possibly burn ALL of my bikinis. This comes after a lot of careful consideration.

I have come to realize that, even though I have returned to my "fighting weight," my body will never be what it was. My stomach bears the visible scars and stretched skin that accompanies carrying twins. I've consulted doctors, and the only way to correct it is surgery—the "mommy makeover"—and I'm not ready to do that. Well, at least not today.

But even if I did do it, I am not so sure I would instantly put on a bikini.

You see, as I have moved into the world of one pieces, I have kind of fallen in love with them. They are classy and sophisticated. And the modern cutout one pieces, which I adore, can add edge while still keeping me looking my age.

I think deep down I have evolved past the bikini, past those years of my life.

I don't see myself anymore as that beach kid rolling up to the ocean in my bikini, cut-off shorts, and old skool Vans. I see myself as a mother who might prefer a one piece for its practicality while wrangling her twins in the pool. I see myself as a caring and solid friend to simply fantastic women in their 30s who lie poolside together once a year sipping cocktails and wearing hats protecting our precious skin from the sun.

I will always and forever cherish my bikini years.

But I am very much looking forward to my one piece years. I expect these years to be filled with growing children, amazing friendships, and more love and laughter than I could have ever hoped for during my bikini days.

Long live the one piece!


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