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Written by Jessica

 swim gemtone

This gem tone suit from A Pea in the Pod hits all the right notes.


It’s bathing suit season! If you’re pregnant, you might be scratching your head and thinking, “How am I going to pull this one off?” It’s not as hard as you think. Like all things maternity, you just need to stick to your own signature style. And you have to know where to look.

While we have come a long way in maternity dressing, swimwear is an area that is still sadly lacking. A recent trip to Target’s maternity section serves as a case in point. Almost every suit was a black tank style with a brightly colored floral pattern. There were rows of them. And they were all terrible. This does not need to be.

The style that’s right for you depends on both your pre-pregnancy swimwear preferences and your pregnancy stage.

If you are newly pregnant, you can absolutely get away with wearing your favorite existing bathing suits. Especially handy are string bikinis that are adjustable to wear low on your belly and to give you some extra latitude for your growing bust.

If you are showing a lot, we love the tankini. There are some beautiful silhouettes available that are so much more flattering than your standard tank suit. Choosing a strapless or halter style accentuates femininity, whereas spaghetti straps have a sportier feel. Of course, if you are ultra-comfortable with your pregnant physique, you can rock a teeny tiny bikini and show off your big belly to the world like some of our friends in Hollywood like to do.


swim polkadot

This strapless silhouette from Motherhood.com draws attention up toward your neckline and face.

As with all things maternity, we love solids for bathing suits. Any color that you feel good in is the way to go. Bright colors like yellow, fuchsia, and emerald green are festive for the summer season. Black, navy, chocolate, and charcoal are always slimming and flattering.

If you are up for it, patterns can be a stylish way to mix things up. When it comes to patterns, it is often best to go with a season's trend, such as a modern chevron. Remember to heed caution when purchasing patterns, though, as some can end up looking oddly juvenile or elderly in the way that only maternity clothes can.


swim chevron

 This gorgeous suit from A Pea in the Pod is the perfect example
of a pattern done right.

Some of our favorite resources for great, basic maternity swimwear are Gap Maternity and Old Navy Maternity. Both have a nice assortment of affordable, flattering styles that are sold separately as tops and bottoms so that you can ensure a perfect fit. Tip: They sell out immediately and are not sold year-round, so stock up while the getting’s good.

One last thing: A good self-tanner makes every maternity swimsuit look just a little bit better. A great one to try is Neutrogena Build-a-Tan. No streaking, no orange tones. It covers a multitude of pregnancy skin problems like spider and varicose veins, bruising, and cellulite.


Jessica is a mommy of three. She has a degree in fashion and the equivalent in childproofing a cool modern lifestyle.


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