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Style & Beauty

The swings of confidence in how you look are at a whole new level during pregnancy. There will be days when you feel so pretty and special and you just bask in the glow of pregnancy. But there will also be days when you feel enormous and swollen and fatigued. Rest assured that you are not alone in any of those feelings. Every pregnant woman has been there!

Your appearance obviously goes through major changes over the course of your pregnancy. Your belly is going to grow and grow. Just when you think it can’t possibly grow any more, it probably will. And with that growth come other changes to your body, some of which will be unexpected.

In this section, you will find what to expect when it comes to your appearance, as well as beauty and nutrition tips on how you can amplify the good things and control the unwanted.

Remember, pregnancy is a very special and unique time. Do your best to relish it and remind yourself how amazing the female body is!

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