The word “complication” automatically conjures up feelings of fear and worry. We hope any complications you may have during your twin pregnancy, or as your babies grow into little people, are fleeting.

The tough reality is that twin pregnancies are complicated. Some are more complicated than others, but they all have their ups and downs.

This growing section of The Twin Source is meant to provide you with support and comfort. In it, we will share real experiences with various complications. In most cases, everything turned out fine. But at the time, things were starkly real and highly emotional.

First, here are a few lessons learned about dealing with the unexpected:

  • Your doctors know best. Listen to them, and ask them as many questions as you need.

  • The Internet is NOT your friend. This obviously goes against your reading these very words at this very moment. So to be more specific, sitting up late at night doing massive Google searches on words and medical terms that you have just learned about will most likely scare and worry you. Defer to—and trust—your doctor. If for some reason you can’t get the answers you want, or you are unable to establish a trust with your doctor, get a second opinion as soon as possible.

  • Rely on your partner. Your husband is going to be just as concerned as you are. Talk to each other, communicate your feelings, and work together to come up with a game plan for how to deal with whatever problems arise.

  • Continue even in times of great worry to take care of yourself and the babies inside you. Eat properly, take walks, or go to a prenatal yoga class to clear your head.

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