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Written by Carrie


It was St. Patrick's Day morning, which was fitting because it was a brisk, damp, cloudy, Ireland-like kind of day. My husband, Andy, had taken our "first-born child" Ruby, a feisty 16-pound pug, for her morning walk. My period was five days late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test.

I didn't tell Andy I was going to take the test. We had taken quite a few prior, to no avail, so I did not want to have him there for the emotional letdown that comes when it is negative.

I took a shower while the test was processing. After I got out and dried off, I walked over and glanced down to see a very, very dark pink line. I couldn't believe it!

I went downstairs and told Andy the news. It is a moment I will never forget. The joy, shock, wonder, and mystery of it all was overwhelming.

As it happened, I had a dentist appointment that morning. As I was being prepared for my cleaning, the hygienist told me I was due for X-rays. I instantly thought, "Could that hurt the baby?" I told her I was pregnant. She was so excited! Looking back, it's quite funny that the first person other than Andy and myself to know was a sweet dental hygienist.

Preparing for Pregnancy

My journey to pregnancy had begun over a year earlier. Once Andy and I began the hopeful talks of beginning a family, I dedicated myself to my body. I wanted to be as fit and healthy as possible for carrying and delivering my child. I changed my diet by focusing on whole foods, nuts, fish, and fruits; drinking green tea and water during the day; and giving up soda and coffee. I practiced yoga twice a week and ran as well. I walked to and from work every day.

We began trying in earnest—tracking ovulation and all that terribly lame stuff—in August. After a bunch of negative pregnancy tests, we said we would re-evaluate things once we hit the year mark. Six months of trying did the trick for us, though, and we were over the moon.

I called my OB/GYN the same day I took the pregnancy test and scheduled an appointment for a couple weeks later. It was very early in the pregnancy, so they wanted to wait a bit.

Andy was really slammed at work at that point, so I went to the appointment alone. I was totally fine with that. I mean, he had never been to the OB/GYN with me before, so it seemed unnecessary to my independent self. Little did I or he know how much he was going to be inside that doctor's office and how much I was going to need him in the months and years ahead as my partner, my love, and my very best friend.

The doctor who examined me had an excellent bedside manner. We sat in her office first, and she asked me about the earliest days of my pregnancy and conception. Then we moved into the exam room for her to "measure" me.

As she was doing so, she paused and asked how many weeks I thought I was. I told her five. She said I was larger than normal for being five weeks and that I would need to have an ultrasound. She assured me that everything was most likely fine but said it would be a good idea. I thought nothing of it and scheduled the appointment for a few days later.

Two Little Beans

This time, Andy was with me. As we waited in the specialist's office for the ultrasound, the importance of it all started sinking in. We were going to see our baby?!

When they called us in, we went back to our room and were greeted by a very caring nurse. She was bubbly and kept things light, which was just what we needed.

The doctor came in to begin the ultrasound. He was a quiet and thoughtful man.

As I laid back and the process began, Andy was holding my hand. We were both staring at the little screen when all of a sudden this little "bean" appeared. Andy's smile grew so big.

Then we both noticed that there was another bean on the screen. We looked at each other as the doctor began flipping through my medical records. He asked, "You were not on fertility, correct?" We said no simultaneously. He then said, "Well, I only ask because there are two in there. You are having twins."

Everything Changed for the Better

Andy and I instantly looked at one another. Completely shocked but instantly overjoyed, we started laughing an awkward laugh. The nurse told us that she and the doctor were going to step out of the room and give us a moment.

We literally laughed together like kids in the school yard, giddy with the news, hugging one another, and just trying to take it all in.

After a few minutes, I got dressed and the nurse returned. She looked at us both, nodding approvingly, and said something I will never forget. "I am just so happy you two started laughing," she said, "because sometimes people cry."

Andy and I looked at each other in that moment and realized the seriousness of the task at hand: We were going to be the parents of two babies at the same time.

Every single thing about our lives changed from that moment forward, and all of it was for the better.

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