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Written by Maritza


When I was pregnant the second time, it never even crossed my mind that I might be carrying twins. A dear friend of mine had twin boys, and I felt lucky enough to have twins in my life through her. I never dreamed that she and I would both have twins.

But let me start from the beginning. My oldest child, Jordan, was what my husband, Jeff, and I called our "sucker baby" because he ate well, slept well, and was always in a great mood. He was a great baby, and he made parenting seem so easy! So, when Jordan was 18 months old, we decided to start trying for our second. We were lucky and got pregnant pretty fast.

'There Are Two of Them'

My husband and Jordan came to my first OB appointment. We were all in the room while the doctor did my sonogram. She didn't say anything, but she seemed very interested in the sonogram. I began to worry.

The doctor had the nurse call in the other OB in the practice. At this point, I was seriously concerned. It seemed like forever until the second doctor came in. When she finally did, my OB asked her, "Do you see what I see?"

I was thinking, "What the hell are you seeing?!"

The second doctor replied, "Yep, there are two of them."

In a Daze

I was not prepared for that. I don't even remember my husband's reaction. I do remember he left the room almost immediately. I know I spoke with my OB afterward, but I was in a daze. The only thing going through my head was, "I am pregnant with twins, I am pregnant with twins!"

While I was checking out with the front desk, Jeff took Jordan to the car. The receptionist gave me my packet and all the other things you get with your first visit. I made my next appointment and walked out. As I took the elevator four floors down, I was still thinking, "Oh my God, I am pregnant with twins."

When I walked out the front door, my husband was waiting for me in our Denali. I immediately thought that we were going to need a new car! I opened the door and got in.

"Where is your purse?" Jeff asked. I had left everything on the counter at the doctor's office!

Spreading the News

My mother-in-law met us for lunch after the appointment, and we got to tell her in person that we were having twins. She had said earlier that, since she was recently retired, she would be more than glad to lend a hand after our family expanded. So, shortly after we ordered lunch, we asked if she was still willing to help out daily. She insisted it wouldn't be a problem.

Then we asked if she was sure she would be able to handle two babies. She said, "Two babies are no problem."

"Good," we said, "because we are having twins! So that means you will be helping with two babies and a toddler!" She was beside herself.

We had fun coming up with creative ways to tell everyone. Our neighbors, Joe and Normi, had taken us to Cold Stone Creamery to break the news to us that they were pregnant, and so we had done the same when we got pregnant with Jordan. The joke became that every time we had ice cream someone was pregnant. When we found out we were having twins, we knew the Cold Stone Creamery trick was out of the question, so we had to find other ways to tell them.

One night, Joe came over to visit with us. While he was seated, Jeff snuck up behind him and handed him ice cream. Of course, Joe knew immediately that we were pregnant. After the initial round of congratulations, Jeff snuck up behind him again with a second serving of ice cream. At first, Joe said he didn't want any more. Then it hit him: We were having twins.

With Joe's wife Normi, after our doctor's appointments we would always bring her some red and white sour ball candy from a restaurant near the office. So, when it came time to tell her about the twins, we decided we would do a play on the candy. After giving her a handful of candy from one of his pockets, Jeff pulled out a handful from the other pocket and gave that to her as well. She knew immediately it was twins!

When it came time to share our news with my dear friend who has twin boys, I remember her telling me how lucky we were and what a blessing it was to have twins. And now I know that firsthand!


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