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Beginning the instant you find out that you are having twins and continuing every day from that point on, you will be filled with wonder and awe at what it means to be a mother of twins.

Your journey into twin motherhood might have started some time ago or you might be in the early stages of pregnancy, still reveling (or sometimes, let’s be honest, panicking) in the news that you are going to be a twin mother.

Either way, it is going to be the best journey of your life.

It will undoubtedly be the most rewarding and challenging experience you have ever faced. And, quite often, it will be both those things on the same day or even at the same moment.

Twin Mom Carrie received great (albeit humbling) advice from her high-risk physician upon their first introduction and discussion of her twin pregnancy.

He said, frankly with the cadence of a wise old man, “Your pregnancy is not cute.”

Carrie and her husband looked at him a bit puzzled. He followed that statement with this unforgettable bit of advice: “Everyone thinks twins are cute. ‘Oh, you are having twins! How lucky for you! How perfect!’ If someone says they are having triplets, a quiet fear and seriousness sets in from the beginning. Not with twins. Everyone thinks twins are cute.”

His point was well-taken. Remember this, and hold it close: Twins are considered a high-risk pregnancy.

You should take your pregnancy seriously and listen to your doctors every step of the way.

There is a good chance that your pregnancy will be smooth and wonderful, like Twin Mom Ashley’s. She breezed into the hospital for her scheduled C-section wearing stilettos! But remember that your pregnancy is unique to you, and we here at The Twin Source want you to take the best care of yourself possible. You’re soon to be a mother of multiples—and a new member of one of the best, most exclusive clubs in the world.

 Congratulations and welcome to The Twin Source!

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