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Written by Maritza



Twin Mom Maritza
A style-conscious mother of four who is determined to keep things fun

Quick Stats
Twins: Fraternal. Two girls, Jennifer and Jessica
Twins’ weight when born: Jennifer: 5 pounds, 1 ounce; Jessica: 4 pounds, 9 ounces
Age while pregnant with twins: 33
Current occupations: Hairstylist; Owner/Operator of Cuts and Cocktails LLC
Other children: Older son, Jordan; younger son, Jackson

Pregnancy and Delivery
How far along were you when you delivered (i.e., how many weeks)?
35 weeks.

Were you on bed rest? If so, when did you go on bed rest and for how long?
I was on bed rest starting at 33 weeks until the big day.

Did you deliver naturally or via Cesarean?

Recovery and Hospital Stay
How long did it take you to recover physically?
The first few weeks were tough. It was really important to take it easy after the C-section. Remember, the easier you are on your body post-delivery, the prettier the scar!

Did the babies have to stay in the hospital for an extended time?
We were blessed to be able to take them home after several days. However, Jessica had to pass the car seat test to be released due to her weight and age. We had to use a car bed instead of a car seat for about a week or two.

Did you breast-feed and if so, for how long?
I breast-fed for four weeks. I would breast-feed simultaneously. It was important to me to keep them on the same schedule.

Did you pump and then feed from the bottle?
I never really pumped much. If I did, it was to relieve the pressure.

Any breast-feeding recommendations?
It can take two to four weeks for your milk to really come in. Give it time, and do not put too much pressure on yourself. It will get easier. Breast-feeding experiences are different from person to person. Make sure you have a good support network around you, and try to keep a positive attitude.

Did you plan anything unique in the twins’ nursery?
Not really. The first two months the twins slept in our bedroom. This made it easier to do the night feedings.

How long did your twins sleep in the same crib?
Approximately one week. They slept much better apart. At 5 months, we put them in separate rooms.

When did your babies start sleeping through the night?
Jennifer would have slept through the night at 3 months, but Jessica kept her awake. We ended up putting them in separate rooms at 5 months. This allowed us to let Jessica cry it out, and within a week they were both sleeping through the night.

Do not let other people force their sleep advice onto you. Every set of twins is different. Be patient and creative, and eventually you will find a solution that works for you and your twins.

How did you schedule your babies for sleeping and feeding?
With my firstborn, I read/referred to the book "Babywise" and followed the schedule for flexible yet structured parents. For the twins, we relied on what we had learned from that but allowed ourselves to be even more flexible. Still, the ultimate goal was to have some structure—especially since that’s what our son Jordan (who was 18 months old at the time) was used to.

Do you have a stroller recommendation?
BOB Revolution—the one with the swivel front wheel. This stroller is excellent in and around the mall, on trails, and on pavement. It travels well and has great accessories. The one downside is that it is expensive: It runs around $560. If you want to buy it new, try to catch a seasonal sale at REI where they are usually 20 percent off. (If you join REI, you get reward bucks that you can use at that time as well.)

It may be expensive, but this stroller has a lot of resale potential. I am convinced that it is the most sought-after used stroller on the market. You can rarely find one on craigslist. When Jordan was born, we bought the single stroller, the warm fuzzy seat liner, and the all-weather cover for a little over $500 after discounts. When it came time to get a double for the twins, we were able to sell the single on craigslist for over $400. So we got two years of use out of it for $100.

(For more on the BOB, visit The Twin Source's Can't Live Without page.)

What did you do to take care of yourself in those early tough days and nights?
We were very blessed that both of our families are local and were able to help out. We took every helping hand that was offered. It seemed for the first six months or so we were in survival mode. We were also lucky enough to have a neighborhood teen that would entertain Jordan in the afternoons to free us up to handle the twins.

Did you go back to work? If so, when?
I went back to work part time after 12 weeks. It helped keep me sane, but I was only two miles from the house in case there were any issues.

If so, who watched the babies?
My mother-in-law most of the time, and my husband when he was home.

Words of Wisdom
Any other general advice or tips?
Being a mother is the most gratifying yet challenging thing I have ever done. You have to remain flexible. Always remember that even though you have twins, they are completely different. They will grow, eat, sleep, and act differently. What’s good for one is not always good for the other. If you can remember that and remain patient, everyone can grow through the process together and you will have the time of your life.


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