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Written by Lauren

Twin Mom Lauren
A breast-feeding guru and stay-at-home mom who savors every day with her children

Quick Stats
Twins: Fraternal. A girl, Taylor, and a boy, TJ
Twins’ weight when born: Taylor, 5 pounds, 8 ounces; TJ, 6 pounds, 7 ounces
Age while pregnant with twins: 29
Current occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Other children: Younger daughter, Harper 

Pregnancy and Delivery
How far along were you when you delivered (i.e., how many weeks)?
I was 38 weeks when I delivered by scheduled C-section.

Were you on bed rest? If so, when did you go on bed rest and for how long?
No bed rest at all. I kept waiting at every appointment for the doctor to put me on bed rest, but he never did. Even at 38 weeks on the day of my C-section, I was only dilated 1 centimeter, had never had a contraction, and was 0% effaced. I joked that I could have taken the babies 42 weeks if I really wanted to.

Did you deliver naturally or via Cesarean?
I was adamant my whole pregnancy that I wanted a vaginal delivery, but at 28 weeks Taylor turned breech and my C-section fate was sealed.

Recovery and Hospital Stay
How long did it take you to recover physically?
I was in the hospital the required four days for the C-section, but I started feeling better around two weeks post-partum. I took the prescribed painkillers appropriately.

Did the babies have to stay in the hospital for an extended time?
No. Not one second in the NICU. We were really lucky.

Did you breast-feed? If so, for how long?
Yes. I breast-fed exclusively and continued to breast-feed for 21 and 22 months.

Did you pump and then feed from the bottle?
I did pump because I made so much milk I was full all the time. I pumped every morning during the 6:00 a.m. feeding, and my husband fed them that feeding (with milk from the day before) so that I could just go back to sleep after pumping. I did that for the first two and a half months. Then the feedings spaced out a little more, and I started pumping only when I would miss a feeding. When I would miss a feeding, my son would drink from a bottle no problem and my daughter would refuse.

Any breast-feeding recommendations?
Give it your best shot and give yourself time to get the hang of it. It is hard, it hurts, and it is a labor of love. In the beginning, I used to say how much easier it would have been to just formula-feed from bottles. But once we got into a routine, I realized how much easier it was that I was nursing and didn’t have to spend my free time washing a million bottle parts.

Did you plan anything unique in the twins’ nursery?
I painted it lime green with white trim and put up their monograms in white on the wall above the cribs.

How long did your twins sleep in the same crib?
Five months.

When did your babies start sleeping through the night?
Five months. I think Taylor would have slept through the night much earlier, but I would wake her when TJ, the food alarm, woke up because I wanted to keep them on the same feeding schedule.

How did you schedule your babies for sleeping and feeding?
We used the E.A.S.Y. system by the Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg. E.A.S.Y. stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. The basic premise is the babies eat right when they wake up, then play, then sleep again—at which point you take some time for yourself. It is a basic schedule that doesn’t involve specific “timing” of all activities.

Do you have a stroller recommendation?
In the beginning, we used the Baby Trend Double Snap N Go. That stroller allowed us to take the babies all over the place! Now we use the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and love it. Baby Jogger recently came out with the City Select Double, which I covet.

You, You, You
What did you do to take care of yourself in those early tough days and nights?
We had a lot of help thanks to two sets of parents that live within two miles of us. I tried to get my extra sleep after that 6:00 a.m. feeding. I would sleep in while the babies would sleep. Our days started at 9:00 a.m. usually.

Did you go back to work? If so, when? 
I went back to work as a Realtor for RE/MAX when the twins were 2 1/2 because my husband started a full-time MBA program. My job is very flexible; as long as I have my phone, I can work from anywhere.

Words of Wisdom
Any other general advice or tips?
While pregnant, try to take a nap every day.

When the babies come, go outside at least once a day. Take a walk with the babies or drive around in the car. Just get out and join the world, even if it seems too hard. You will be glad you did.

Enjoy your kids. They grow up so fast, and the laundry will get done eventually.


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