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Meet the Moms


         Ashley                 Maritza                  Carrie                 Lauren                   Mari

So here we are, and there you are!

We are five mothers who are all very different, with one thing (well, technically two things) in common: We are mothers of twins.

We have come together to share our personal and unique stories about twin parenthood. Each of our stories is very different. Some of us could have breast-fed forever (Lauren), while others struggled desperately for a few short weeks (Carrie). Some of us went back to our careers straight away (Ashley), while others stayed at home for a little while (Maritza). Some of us hired a nanny (Carrie), while others hosted an au pair (Mari).

We acknowledge and embrace our differences, but we also find commonality and support in the fact that we are each one-of-a-kind twin moms doing the best we can every day.

None of us is perfect—or right, or wrong (well, sometimes possibly wrong, but we will never admit that to our husbands). We are just who we are, and we want you to know that parenting twins can and will be done successfully in a variety of ways. And that is not only okay—it’s what makes us human!

We hope that through our unique stories, you will connect with one (or more) of us whom you can follow and relate to. Each of us will be posting our experiences on a monthly basis.

Feel free to love us. Feel free to hate us. Most important, feel free to embrace the ride of twin parenthood and the challenges that every twin mom faces.

With love and respect,

Carrie, Ashley, Lauren, Mari & Maritza

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