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Nurse Chickie

Written by The Twin Source


First, take a deep breath. You can do this!

  • Read all the information you can prior to delivery.
  • Remember that breast-feeding is a learned behavior. The only thing natural about it is your body making the milk. Initially, the babies only know how to suck—they must learn to open wide and swallow. It takes a minimum of two weeks for them to learn.
  • Do not beat yourself up if you have trouble breast-feeding.
  • Eat turkey—it increases your milk supply and helps you sleep.
  • Have a comfy chair for you and the twins and lots of pillows to support not only the babies but also your back.
  • Always have a pitcher of water to drink.
  • Let the babies nuzzle at your breasts even when it is not nursing time.
  • If possible, don’t let the babies use you as a pacifier. This is called non-essential sucking, and babies do it all the time.
  • Invest in a double breast pump.
  • Give the babies a bottle if you need to. It will not hurt them. The purist educators believe that an artificial nipple should never be given, but I believe the babies will not have nipple confusion as long as you always try to put them to the breast first.
  • Supplement with formula if you need to.
  • Remember that the goal is to have a peaceful feeding time for both you and your babies.


Nurse Chickie, The Twin Source house RN, has almost three decades of nursing experience beginning with pediatrics in 1982, and more love for her “grandbabies” than two little twins can handle.


Always remember, the information contained on The Twin Source is not intended for medical diagnosis. Any medical information found on this site should be discussed with your health care professional. Always consult your doctor for any medical advice.

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