Nurse Chickie


Meet Nurse Chickie, RN!

With almost three decades of nursing experience beginning with pediatrics in 1982, and more love for her “grandbabies” than two little twins can handle, she is our go-to nurse. She has advised and comforted numerous parents when they’ve had worries—from answering the simplest “is that normal?” questions to having more serious talks.

In this growing section, Nurse Chickie will tackle hot topics and answer questions in a way that is easy to understand for any first-time parent.

Nurse Chickie’s Vitals:

  • Registered Nurse practicing since 1982
  • 6 years of labor and delivery, including post-partum
  • 29 years of breast-feeding education
  • 8 years OB/GYN
  • 22 years pediatrics

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