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Hospital 411

Written by The Twin Source



As you begin packing your “go bag,” the excitement of meeting your babies will really set in! It’s a preparation that brings you that much closer to seeing their little faces and makes everything feel real.

Here is our must-have list of things to pack.

For the babies:

  • 4 outfits to go home in. (We recommend two outfits each, as it is quite possible that the first outfit will get soiled. Make sure to consider the time of year when choosing the outfits so that the babies are dressed appropriately for the weather.)
  • 4 swaddler blankets.
  • 4 onesies.
  • Nail file. (You won’t be able to cut their nails yet.)
  • Baby books. (Make sure you get the babies’ footprints in there!)
  • Diaper bag with a few diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc.


For the new mommy:

  • Nightgowns. (Consider button-up nightshirts—they work well for nursing.)
  • 2 nursing bras.
  • Underwear. (No thongs, ladies. You want cotton briefs—trust us!)
  • Socks/slippers.
  • Your own pillow (to help you sleep better).
  • Lanolin cream (if you are going to breast-feed).
  • Sanitary pads (your favorite brand, heavy flow).
  • Your travel toiletry kit complete with all of your usual essentials.
  • Lip balm.
  • 2 of your own towels.
  • 2 rolls of your own toilet paper.
  • An outfit to go home in. (Keep in mind that you are still going to look very pregnant, so a favorite maternity outfit will work nicely.)
  • Blank stationery and a pen. (In case you have a spare moment and want to thank someone who has visited or given you flowers, it’s great to knock out a few notes prior to departing the hospital. Our favorite thank-you notes to leave behind are for the doctors and nurses that you bond with during your stay. They deserve the recognition!)
  • Favorite snacks (and/or champagne if you wish!).
  • Music. (Whether it’s your iPod or favorite CDs, it’s nice to have your own music.)
  • Cell phone and charger.


For the new daddy:

  • A change of clothes.
  • His pillow.
  • Extra sheet and blankets.
  • Sweatshirts and other warm clothes. (The rooms are generally a bit cold.)
  • Camera/video camera and extra batteries.
  • Toiletries.
  • A washcloth and towel.
  • Cell phone and charger.



  • Pregnancy medical records for you and the twins.
  • Admissions paperwork if you were provided it prior to delivery. (Tip: It’s great to have this filled out completely before the big day!)
  • Your insurance cards, driver’s license, etc.
  • List of family and friends to call. (Consider using a phone chain so you or your partner only need to make a few calls.)

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