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For Daddy

Written by Mari

Supportive Twin Father

When my husband, Noel, and I found out we were having twins, we were ecstatic. We had wanted to have a baby so bad that the thought of having twins was our dream come true times two.

Being pregnant with and raising twins is not an easy road to go down, so the help and support of a good twin dad is key. Noel helped lighten the load during and after my pregnancy.


Early in the pregnancy, Noel was mostly my moral support. He went with me to all the doctor appointments and worried with me about possible pregnancy complications.

He also had to put up with my "hunger attacks." I had morning sickness pretty much 24/7, but when I got hungry, I would get hungry for something specific—which Noel had to hunt for all over town.

Then there was the getting out of bed issue, especially in the last trimester. My back couldn't handle the weight anymore, so Noel had to pull me out of bed in the mornings. It was quite a funny scene.

In the delivery room, Noel didn't faint or get queasy. He was there holding my hand and keeping me calm while the doctors performed the C-section and later while they tended to one of the babies, who was born with fluid in her lungs. (She was fine afterward.)

He was there drying my tears when my hormones were not back to normal yet and all I wanted to do was cry.


Once the babies came home, Noel shared the responsibilities. He quickly learned how to swaddle the babies, change their diapers, and hold them. We took turns feeding them in the middle of the night, which was huge for me because it allowed me to get some sleep.

Noel also started to take on more household chores, like grocery shopping. I just didn't have the time after the babies were born.

Even now that the girls are older, I am always thankful when he takes them out for a walk or to the playground so I can have a bit of quiet, peaceful time for myself.

You may think that managing two babies will be impossible, but everything will work out once they arrive. You will have good days and bad days, of course, but it's amazing what a team of two can do.


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