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For Daddy

Written by The Twin Source



For you as a father, some of the hardest moments will come during those first days back at work.

Daddies have the distinct disadvantage of generally getting a short amount of paternity leave. If you are lucky, you may squeak out two weeks off. This early return to work for twin dads who have played a huge role in helping from the very start can be difficult for everyone.

To give yourself some needed time with your babies, and to let your partner take a break, we highly encourage making a Daddy Hour part of your daily routine.

Each day when you get home, get a quick update on how the twins did while you were at work. Then spend the next hour alone with your babies doing whatever you want and think is best—whether it is playtime, reading, or a feeding. Just be with your twins.

This also gives your partner a much-needed rest from her long day. She can take a nap, make a few phone calls, exercise, or shower. Whatever she chooses, the Daddy Hour gives you an opportunity to be the father you weren’t able to be while you were at work, and it gives your partner a mental break that is good for the soul.

Everybody wins.

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