The Baby Days

Fido and Your Babies

Written by The Twin Source


Let’s be honest: If you became a dog owner before having children, your pooch is often considered your firstborn. In those early days of puppy parenting, that little fur ball can do no wrong. And as time goes on, the dog will convince you that since you have mastered the art of “raising” a pet, you are ready to have children.

What the poor pup doesn’t realize is that once those screaming infants come home, life will never be the same. If your dog knew this, he or she would probably try to be a little less cute, loving, and loyal from the very beginning!

Your dog (or cat) is a part of your family, and you are going to want to do your best to make your pup as comfortable as possible when the family immersion process begins.

Here are a few tips and anecdotes to help you and Fido during those early days of “sibling” introductions:

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