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The Baby Days

Written by The Twin Source

Word on the Street pregnant twins

Pregnant women and people with infants get asked the oddest things by strangers at the grocery store, at the shopping mall, or just walking down the street. Twin pregnancy and twin parenthood are no different.

Here are some honest-to-goodness true encounters we at The Twin Source have had with total strangers that we can laugh about now—though sometimes still through clenched teeth!

  • “Are they identical?”
    Even though you have your baby son dressed in blues and your little girl pretty in pink, most people do not make the connection that if babies are opposite sexes there is absolutely no way they can be identical. Incidentally, we believe this question will come up a few times a year pretty much until your twins have their driver’s licenses.

  • “Did you have fertility?”
    It is just plain wrong and rude for someone to ask a pregnant woman whom they do not know very well if she used fertility treatments. It is no one’s business, particularly not your waitress’s or your mechanic’s. But people will ask. You can answer any way you see fit, but we prefer a quip such as, “I don’t feel comfortable answering that. It’s private, and wouldn’t it be a shame if I struggled with having children for years?”

  • “Do you need a ride?”
    Picture this: You’re crossing the street to meet your girlfriends for brunch, and you’re just about in the middle of your second trimester. But, girl, you will be looking so big to the average person that some strangers will ask to assist you. Politely let them know that you are fine, just pregnant with twins.

  • “Get some rest while you can.”
    This one might make you cry a bit when it happens. You see, every twin mom who has ever been pregnant knows that sleep stops happening well before the babies are born. It’s sad to tell you this tidbit of truth: Once you are in your third trimester, sleep will basically be something you dream of. You will be either constantly moving to try and get comfortable or, worse yet, making your 10th trip of the night to the bathroom.
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