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The Baby Days

Written by The Twin Source

 Tummy Time with Infant Twins

It must be said straight out of the gate that tummy time for your babies is not a fad. It's not going to become passé. Pediatricians are going to recommend it for years to come.

Tummy time has become a highly recommended activity to encourage proper physical development in infants. The act seems simple enough: Lay your twins on their tummies for a period of time every day, with the duration lengthening as they grow (upwards of 20 minutes for 3- to 4-month-olds). Your pediatrician will provide recommended lengths of time at your first few visits after the twins arrive.



There are two main reasons tummy time is so encouraged:

  • It is a way to create strength and development in your babies' necks, which is of course critical. The sooner a baby can hold his or her own head up, the better. There is proven research that strength developed during tummy time assists with crawling development as well.
  • It allows your babies time in a position other than lying on their back. The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development's Safe to Sleep guidelines recommend placing infants on their backs when they sleep to minimize the risk of SIDS. The number of SIDS cases has dropped as a result of the Safe to Sleep campaign (formerly the Back to Sleep campaign), but there has also been an increase in "flat headedness" in infants. Supervised wake positions such as tummy time could help prevent the need for a cranial band to reshape your child's head down the road.

You can make tummy time fun for your twins by positioning them so that they can look at one another while they are on their tummies. Activity mats help too. Get down on their level and chat with them, encouraging them. You can rub their backs and dangle toys as well.

You might find that one or both twins fuss during tummy time. This is not uncommon, and it should not prevent you from doing tummy time with your twins. Think of tummy time as a necessary workout for your babies. As is often the case with adults, it's not always easy to get motivated to work out but the benefits of doing so are many. Do your best to coach your twins through tummy time.

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