The Baby Days

The Baby Days

BabyDays MAINart

You're finally feeling cozy at home with your twins—getting to know them and establishing their routine. The days are incredibly hectic and absolutely miraculous at the same time. Your twins are no longer teeny tiny newborns; they are growing, thriving babies who are starting to get chubby wrists, coo sweetly, and—the absolute best—smile at you. Change happens constantly and at the speed of light. It seems like every new developmental phase or experience is both fleeting and all-encompassing for you as their parent.

This section of The Twin Source is devoted to those ever-changing baby days, with helpful information on managing and nurturing your duo. Cherish these days! Even though it might feel like utter chaos at the time, we guarantee that you will look back and yearn for this cozy time of parenthood.

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