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Written by Carrie



Our twin pantry was by far our favorite feature in the nursery—and the most utilized. I got the idea from a dear friend of mine who had had twins a few years before I did. When I went to meet the twins and check on the new mommy, I noticed that inside the nursery’s walk-in closet was a small microwave, fridge, and all the essentials for feedings. Particularly appealing was the idea of not having to go downstairs to the kitchen multiple times during the night. Everything needed for those late-night feedings was right there.

When we reconfigured our townhouse due to its super-tight quarters, the master bedroom became the twins’ nursery. The room had a tiny storage closet—the perfect spot for our very own twin pantry.

Stocking the Pantry

If you decide to create a twin pantry, consider stocking it with:

  • A small refrigerator to store milk/formula and drinking water if you desire
  • A bottle warmer
  • Bottles
  • Nipples
  • Cloth diapers for wiping spills, the babies’ faces, etc.
  • A plastic serving tray to carry dirty bottles to the kitchen and clean ones back to the nursery
  • Mylicon infant gas drops
  • Infant Motrin or Tylenol
  • Bibs
  • Extra pacifiers
  • Cans of formula
  • A night light so that you can prepare for night feedings without much interruption


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