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Written by Mari

Uber-talented Andreina of Bunch of Bees created this gorgeous toddler room for her twin boys. For more photos, visit the inspiring Project Nursery Slideshow.

The decision to move our twin girls into big-kid beds was a difficult one—so difficult that we waited to do it until a month after they turned 3. We decided to wait as long as we could to avoid the escaping-from-bed-at-night issue.

Things to consider before moving your twins into big-kid beds:

  • Are your kids climbing out of their cribs?
  • Have they fallen trying to climb out?
  • Have they gotten so big that they keep hitting the railings while they sleep?
  • Do your friends keep asking, "When are you going to transition them into beds?"

Fortunately for us, the only question that we answered yes to was the last one! But we knew it was time.

Bye-Bye Cribs

First we converted the cribs into beds by removing the railings. (Not all cribs have this feature.) But one of our daughters kept falling from the bed while she was sleeping, at naptime and at night. (We put lots of pillows on the ground after it happened the first time!)

We then decided it was time for real beds. We got two twin beds. We skipped the separate toddler beds, as we had heard from friends that the girls would outgrow them quickly. We also skipped the bedframes; we just had box springs and mattresses. At that time, we wanted the beds to be low to avoid big falls.

We were lucky that it was a painless transition. The girls loved their new beds and bedcovers and were so excited to sleep in them the first time. We put each bed against one wall, and that has worked to prevent falls. We never had to get bedrails, which in my opinion are not very attractive.

Of course, now we have middle-of-the-night visitors in our bed pretty much every night, but I don't mind. It's actually so sweet to cuddle with them, and I know I better enjoy it while I can because they grow up so fast.

Next Step: Separate Rooms

We are now considering separating the girls into different rooms. They keep each other awake in the evenings, and it takes them longer to fall asleep because one of them inevitably feels like singing, moves around a lot, needs to go to the bathroom, is thirsty, wants to put her doll to sleep first, etc. Moving them into separate rooms will be our next endeavor!


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