Preparing a twin nursery in many ways is very similar to getting a nursery ready for just one baby. You are NOT going to need
double of everything—we can guarantee that—but you will need to take into account a few special considerations and possibly think outside the box at times.

Here are some tips for creating your twin nursery:

  • Find your theme. There are many different themes and color palettes you can choose from. You’ll want to create a room that you can live with and in—something that isn’t too jarring from a color standpoint and something that your babies can grow into so you won’t have to repaint or redecorate in a year. Use the Internet to your advantage: Find photos of nurseries on popular blogs and decorating websites to gather ideas. Whatever theme you choose, make sure you and your partner both love it!

  • Take measurements, and utilize your space properly. This includes making sure you have enough storage space and organizing things logically. For example, you will want to set up your changing table area/workstation in a way that is streamlined for fast changes—everything you need should be within arm’s reach.

  • Have a comfortable seat for feedings. You will want a cozy chair that glides well and is durable.

  • Create a thoughtful registry. Aim to fill your nursery with what you need and not a ton of excess. The Twin Source Registry Guide will help you navigate the vast world of baby products.

  • Be mindful of day and night. Bring in the sunshine during the day, and have light-blocking curtains or shades for the night. When your twins come home, it is our recommendation that you differentiate between day and night from the beginning to help prevent the babies from being too active in the wee hours of the night.

Most important, have fun while you are creating your twin nursery and make it comfortable for you and your partner. You will be living in it almost as much as your babies will!

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