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Getting Your Body Back

Written by Melanie


Below is a special contribution to The Twin Source from Melanie, a Malibu mom and member of The Twin Source’s Consumer Research Team. Melanie is not a mother of twins, but she faced a common twin mom challenge—getting healthy post-pregnancy. 

Melanie introduced Carrie, The Twin Source’s founder, and Angela Salveo a few years ago when Angela was early in her twin pregnancy and seeking advice. Today, Angela is not only a mother to two precious toddlers but also a dedicated personal trainer who wants the absolute best for her clients and wants to share her advice with you.

Melanie’s testimony below is just one example of why Angela is so successful. She makes being healthy about your mind, your body, and your heart. For more on Angela, be sure to read her Q&A with Twin Mom Carrie. If you would like a personal teleconsultation with Angela, contact her via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . She would love to hear from you! Angela is also on Twitter; follow @fittwinmom for great health and fitness tips!


When I was pregnant, I had trouble finding stores that sold a size H bra. Yes, you heard correctly: size H. Pregnancy does funny things to your body, like change your perfectly perky 36C ta-tas into something, well, large and size H. Sure, I did moderate workouts during my pregnancy, hit the gym a little, and went swimming as much as I could, but my body inevitably changed.

When it came time to “get my body back” post-pregnancy, first I had to figure out what that meant exactly. Did it mean looking as good as I did on my wedding day? Getting out of my maternity jeans and into my fat pants? My personal trainer, Angela Salveo, helped me set healthy goals and then achieve them.

I knew Angela could get me to where I wanted to be because I had worked with her before. She was my personal trainer before I got married. I have never felt or looked so good in my life. Angela encouraged me to focus on how I’d look and feel on my honeymoon, not how I’d look cutting the cake. She taught me how to be happy with my progress and encouraged me along the way by not only providing support but also leading by example.

Angela was also my personal trainer while I was pregnant. She incorporated modified moves and developed a manageable workout plan for my “growing” condition. She even incorporated Kegel exercises!

Naturally, I turned to Angela post-baby. She taught me how to work out while spending time with my son—lifting him above my head and hugging him, doing a pushup while giving him a kiss, and doing a lunge while pushing a stroller.

But Angela did more than just show me exercises. She taught me a new lifestyle and put me in tune with my body on a physical and spiritual level. She taught me to work toward and always focus on the “honeymoon” of life. She taught me to work toward being a fit mom so I can be healthy and happy for my son.

Today, even though I weigh what I did pre-pregnancy, my body has changed. I look at my post-pregnancy body as a new me, and I have embraced it. I will never have my perfectly perky 36C ta-tas again: After transforming to a size H during pregnancy, I have settled at a voluptuous (also known as saggy) double D. I invest in good bras and no longer wear bra-less dresses. But I have found happiness in being a mom, and that fulfillment alone outweighs any changes that have occurred with my body.

For me, getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow process that took more than a year (okay, maybe two). But losing my pregnancy weight was part of a bigger goal to make smart choices about diet and exercise. I carve out time each day to take a quick walk, and I choose to eat a salad or fresh veggie instead of a large, delicious cupcake (which is no small feat, considering I am obsessed with cupcakes). I strive to live a good life that includes balancing being a mom and wife as well as making choices that allow me to live a long and healthy life.

Angela is more than just a personal trainer. She’s also a dedicated mom of twins who exudes positivity through an obtainable and innovative approach. Angela has made an incredible impact on my life and the person I am today. Enjoy this Q&A with Angela Salveo—she truly is a one-of-a-kind fitness expert with proven ability to transform your mind, body, and spirit!


Melanie is an honest-to-goodness California mommy. Residing in Malibu, she is ever-conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

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