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Getting Your Body Back

Written by Ashley

First off, let me state the obvious: Whatever shape you are in before you get pregnant will help determine how easy it will be to get your body back. If you are in good shape before you get pregnant, and if you stay in shape during your pregnancy, your body is more likely to bounce back quickly.

Although I gained only about 34 pounds with my twin pregnancy, by the end I was uncomfortable and could not wait to get back to my normal size. I made smart dietary choices, and I worked my booty off to shed the pounds post-pregnancy.

You can do it too! With some work and determination, you can get back into your jeans—and without a muffin top.

Eat Healthy

If you truly want to get your body back, remember this: The earlier you get started, the easier it will be. And when I say early, I mean before you have the babies. Try your best to eat healthy throughout your pregnancy. If you eat french fries and fried food for nine months, it’s hard to break the habit once the babies are born. Who wants grilled chicken and Brussels sprouts after that?

After the babies are born, make healthy eating a priority right away. I don’t mean you should skip meals and starve yourself on a crazy diet. I just mean you should make a conscious effort to eat healthy. Don’t use the old “I’m breast-feeding and can eat whatever I want” excuse. (You know the one I’m talking about, ladies. It’s in the same category as “I’m pregnant and can eat whatever I want.”)

Whole foods like greens, fruits, nuts, and fish are good choices. I eat a lot of tofu, salads, veggies, and fish. My favorite meal is grilled salmon and veggies—this is my go-to dish if I’m out for dinner. Or sometimes I’ll get a huge salad with tons of veggies and some eggs, chickpeas, or tofu for protein. (I don’t eat much meat simply because seeing it raw makes me ill, not for dietary reasons.)

Find Time for Exercise

Just as with eating healthy, you want to start early when it comes to exercise—so long as your doctor says it’s okay. Try to do moderate exercise during your pregnancy. After the babies are born, exercise whenever you can find the time. Shoot for at least two to three times a week once you have your doctor’s go-ahead.

I am not a crazy workout person and frankly just did not and still do not have a lot of time for it. But I make an effort to fit it in. Choose an exercise that you like or else you won’t keep up with it. My exercise routine has included brisk walks outside or on the treadmill mixed with some light jogging or a spin class.

Taking a class can help you commit to exercising. One of the things I liked about spin class was that since I was paying for it, I wanted to go so that I could get my money’s worth. Plus, since I got to know the people in the class, I felt committed to going and “seeing them next time.”

Set a Goal

Plan an important event for six months, nine months, or one year after your twins are born that will encourage you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight or close to it. Maybe schedule a trip to the beach with friends where you want to be bathing suit or bikini ready. This will help motivate you and keep you focused!

I have been modeling since I was in my early 20s, so my “motivator” was to book a runway show four months after my twins were born. There’s nothing worse than standing in a room naked with 12 skinny models and struggling to fit into the clothes. You bet your belly I made my goal!


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