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Feeding & Scheduling

Written by Mari

Feeding Scheduling Twins Mari

The first three months of my twin girls' lives were special. I was getting used to the fact that they were now my life; they had taken over my heart and my mind.

Getting into a routine was crucial for me. The two weeks that the babies spent in the NICU were useful in that they gave me a chance to ease into my new responsibilities. When the babies came home, they were already on a three-hour feeding schedule that we continued. Having a routine and sticking to the schedule definitely helped make things go smoothly.

In the evenings, I would go to bed early after the babies' 9:00 p.m. feeding and my husband would feed them the midnight bottle. I would then do the 3:00 a.m. and the 6:00 a.m. feedings. This allowed me to get at least eight hours of sleep. It was interrupted sleep, but it was enough to keep me going through the day.

I figured out a way to feed both babies at once, by propping them up a little on regular bed pillows and placing a rolled-up receiving blanket on their chests that served as a bottle holder. That way, I only had to watch for spills and didn't have to stress about holding two bottles at once.

Swaddling the babies was a life-saver for us. I became a specialist in getting them as tight as a burrito, and then they slept happily and uninterrupted until their next feeding. In the beginning, we used receiving blankets. When the girls got a little bigger, we bought swaddle blankets that had Velcro.

I was lucky. I never felt overwhelmed taking care of my two angels. I wanted these babies so badly that having them and all the work that came with it was a breeze. It didn't feel like a huge undertaking. It just felt right.

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