Feeding & Scheduling

Feeding & Scheduling



Have you ever noticed that with moms of singletons, the subject of scheduling their baby can become a bit of a hot button? Moms that are schedulers and moms who feed on demand seem to be at odds. And it can get awkward, with no one knowing quite how to bring up the topic or what to say.

As a mother of twins, it’s easy to break the ice. “I scheduled my twins because I didn’t really have a choice. There were two! I would have never slept!”

That is the truth. You would never sleep.

We believe that scheduling has the following benefits:

  • Proper scheduling is as good for the parents as it is for the babies.
  • A well-rested and well-fed baby is a happy baby.
  • A baby who can self-soothe and fall asleep on his or her own is a baby that has experienced his first form of self-confidence and self-assurance—characteristics that likely will serve him or her well all the way into adulthood.

Some of us came to these beliefs the hard way, but today we see the importance and value of scheduling for ourselves as parents and for our babies.

You may not agree with these beliefs, and that’s okay. We respect your opinion and ask that you please thoughtfully respect ours as well.


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