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Back To Work


There are no words to describe the emotions a new mom feels in the days leading up to her return to work—or on the first day back. It can be an emotional roller coaster of anxiety, heartbreak, self-doubt, and fear.

We Twin Moms here at The Twin Source know it is not easy. Four out of five of us went back to work in relatively short order and successfully settled back into our careers. That should be comforting to you, but of course it is not because every situation is different. Your babies are different; your life is different.

We get it.

The goal of this ever-growing section is to support you as you prepare to return to work. We believe there are things you can do to make the transition a bit easier emotionally, though we know deep down it is never easy.

Speaking of Emotions

During your maternity leave, including those last few days at home, keep in mind that your hormones are still leveling out. You will have heightened emotions at times; that is not only okay, it is normal. Ride your emotions out the best you can, keeping in mind that you are still healing from your pregnancy and delivery.

Good Twin Schedule = A Working Mom’s BFF

It’s plain and simple: Your goal as a working mom should be to have the twins sleeping through the night by the time you go back to work. It can be done. By 12 weeks old, your twins should sleep at least eight hours. With proper training, they can be sleeping close to 12 hours—which gives you eight hours of sleep and at least three hours of your own to prepare for your days and end your evenings. Check out The Twin Source’s Feeding & Scheduling section for pointers to get you and your twins there.

Ease into It

Whether you hire a nanny, host an au pair, or use a local daycare, do your best to ease into the new arrangement.

Use the week before your return to work to get adjusted. Have your nanny or au pair come for a full week of training where you leave the house and gain a bit of independence but can come back whenever you feel the need.

For the first few weeks you are back at work, schedule lunches with the twins. Go see them! It’s okay, and it will help you adjust. If your twins are in daycare, let your daycare provider know in advance that you might be stopping by. That way, the daycare provider can tell you what time works best for drop-ins.

Need a Boost of Confidence?

Check back here often. We are going to be posting positive feedback, surveys, and resources supporting working moms.

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